Europe’s Convenience Food Packaging Association

A charter of trust for a new age

At the heart of Pack2Go Europe will be guiding principles that will be applied by members, manufacturers of packaging for food and drinks consumed on-the-go. In due course, members may also have the possibility to make use of a “quality mark” in their commercial communications to show that they adhere to the Pack2Go Europe code of conduct for responsible manufacturers.

The Pack2Go guiding principles have been developed in 2008 by the association’s members, and is still in progress.The founding Guiding principles have been adopted in Brussels on 13 November 2009.

The guiding principles will be fully documented so that its implementation can be easily checked, and that the values and behaviour of our member companies can be established and verified on an ongoing basis. This requires demonstrable commitment by our members.

By applying the guiding principles, Pack2Go Europe member companies will show that they are committed to thinking through the health, safety and environmental aspects of the packaging they manufacture for food and drinks consumed on-the-go and factoring that into design and production. We also want Europeans to be reassured that the packs we manufacture are environmentally sound, safe in every way, ethically produced and that end-of-life systems and processes have been properly provided for once they have been used.

Combined with better information about the role and benefits of our products as part of today’s lifestyles, we hope the guiding principles will be a counterbalance to the growing use of packaging products in today’s society where we eat and drink more and more frequently on-the-go.