Europe’s Convenience Food Packaging Association

New initiative for collection & recycling of on-the-go packaging

In a circular economy resources are never wasted. Instead they are re-used, recycled or recovered whenever possible.

Pack2Go Europe has launched a major long-term effort to create a circular economy for food and beverage service and convenience packaging.

It is called “reaching 4 recycling, calling 4 collection”. This initiative will put in place the partnerships and systems that will ensure that our recyclable products like cups, trays and other containers often used for on-the-go consumption are collected so that they can be recycled.

Recycling and recovery of resources starts with effective collection. We are calling on all stakeholders, including consumers, to participate in separate collection.

We will take advantage of our European-wide network to test new solutions locally that can then be scaled up to increase separate collection and recycling throughout Europe.

We are reaching out to food service operators that use our packaging, recyclers, towns and municipalities, and anyone else interested in launching recycling pilots and together invest in the necessary infrastructure for this circular economy to be possible.

The main reason for single use food and beverage service packaging is to ensure food hygiene, public health and consumer safety. Most of our products are recyclable. Yet actual recycling is low for now.

The main obstacles to recycling of our products are: lack of or inadequate out-of-home collection systems and infrastructure, low consumer awareness and engagement, contamination, lack of economic incentives, and perhaps most of all, lack of common vision.

Food hygiene, consumer convenience and the circular economy can co-exist. Through this initiative, we are serious about developing a shared approach to building a circular economy for single-use food and beverage service and convenience packaging.



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