Europe’s Convenience Food Packaging Association

Quality, hygiene and safety

As an essential part of today’s active way of life, European consumers expect to consume healthy food and drinks on-the-go, out of safe practical packaging.

Single use service and convenience packaging is designed for the job. It is clean, protective and made in controlled environments to demanding EU product standards, which prioritise consumer health and safety.

Our packaging is ideally adapted for use in a wide range of food service operations, like quick service restaurants and cafes, convenience food stores and contract catering where hygiene is, of course, a top priority.

It’s simple – modern single use service and convenience packaging from Pack2Go Europe companies is made for safe and healthy living.

A History of Hygiene... The mass-produced disposable waxed paper cup was invented in the USA around 1915. It was an easy and inexpensive way to prevent the spread of disease, replacing shared drinking mugs in public places. Ever since, the most important function of single use service and convenience packaging has been hygiene.

Keeping it clean... Single use food and beverage service and convenience packaging helps ensure hygiene in the 3 million quick service restaurants, cafes and other food outlets in Europe serving 21,000 meals every second. Think also of food service on planes and trains, rock festivals in muddy fields, crowded school canteens, not to mention hospitals, clinics or care homes where hygiene is a priority... Disposables can even help contain the spread of disease in disaster zones, as well as being light and practical in use.

The Health Generation... Today’s health conscious consumer wants fresh foods “to go”, like prepared salads, fruit or smoothies. Modern, single use disposable packaging makes this possible. The packs are, of course, clean and, when handled properly, help reduce the risk of germ transfer. This boosts consumer confidence at a time when everyone is conscious of risks to health.

High Standards... Food and beverage service and convenience packaging made by Pack2Go Europe member companies meets the EU’s strict legislation on materials in contact with foodstuffs. Rigorous migration testing is carried out to ensure fitness for purpose and that consumers are not exposed to any harmful substance through the packaging. Such quality and rigour is not always applied by non-EU producers.

Fit for Purpose... While more meals are being consumed out-of-home, home delivery services are also growing. Modern service packaging ensures that food is protected and consumed at the right temperature. It is safe and practical for both service staff and consumers to handle wherever it is used. Without it, all these convenient services simply wouldn’t be possible.

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