Europe’s Convenience Food Packaging Association

Specific commitments of Members

Members of Pack2Go Europe are committed to making constant efforts and showing tangible progress in promoting the environment, health, safety, convenience and citizenship within the convenience food and beverage packaging industry. In this way, we aim to meet or surpass relevant public expectations.

Enhancing product features

High quality products

Members of Pack2Go Europe aim to provide branded products and services which consistently offer value in terms of functionality, convenience and quality, and which are safe for their intended use. In line with relevant regulations, standards or guidelines, and where this is appropriate and relevant, these products will be accurately and properly labeled to facilitate their identification and specific appropriate treatment in the packaging waste stream.

Safe products

As consumers would expect, Pack2Go Europe Members are committed to providing healthy and safe products, ensuring their products meet and, where possible, exceed national and European safety regulations. Wherever safety is compromised, Members will act without delay to ensure that the risk to consumers is minimized or eliminated. Members of Pack2Go Europe communicate on their products through proper labelling, informative and accurate advertising, and other appropriate methods.

Minimizing the impact on the environment


Members of Pack2Go Europe will strive to operate in a sustainable way. In this regard, they are committed to making measurable, documented progress in reducing the impact of their products in the environment in the short term and to developing a sustainable industry model in the medium-long term. As the most efficient short term way to reduce the impact of packaging in the environment, Pack2Go Europe promotes and supports the development of appropriate source reduction, recyclability and recovery policies for products by the Members of the Association, in line, notably, with the EU packaging and packaging waste directive and the essential requirements it promotes.

Measured progress

Members of Pack2Go Europe will develop a resource and manufacturing waste reduction, recyclability and recovery policy specific to its operational activity and strategic focus and will communicate progress annually to the Association. This will be done in line with a common performance measurement system agreed upon by its members and validated by third party associations and partners identified for this purpose on account of their solid public reputation in environmental protection. With the help of the common performance measurement system, Pack2Go Europe will monitor annually the progress of its members in the implementation of its specific source reduction, recyclability and recovery policies.


In order to respect the confidentiality of the information communicated by individual members, Pack2Go Europe will publish aggregated information of progress made by the members on each of the performance measures, taking into account the weight of packaging materials processed by individual member. These weighted average annual statistics will be published on the web site of Pack2Go Europe.

Partnership with governments, agencies and other organisations

Pack2Go Europe will co-operate with governments, their agencies, and other stakeholders, both directly and through its Members, in the development of proposed legislation and other regulations in relation to litter, packaging waste treatment, and initiatives to promote environmental care, to increase the understanding of environmental issues and to disseminate good practice.


Pack2Go Europe and its Members will contribute to the education of consumers and users of packaging regarding the proper use and disposal of packaging for food and drinks consumed on-the-go. It will do so by providing understandable and relevant information - on the package, through the internet and, wherever possible, through educational programmes for local communities where the Members’ premises are established.

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