Europe’s Convenience Food Packaging Association

The Mission

Pack2Go Europe deals principally with packaging and related products used in today’s active lifestyles for the moments where people eat and drink on-the-go. This includes applications where food or drinks are packed or served in the packaging immediately or very shortly before consumption by the customer, as well as packaging that is designed to be filled on a production line but will carry and protect food or drinks that are intended to be (or often will be) consumed on-the-go.

The Association’s mission is as follows:

Promote Trust in the industry
To do so, it acts as the guardian of the Vision of Europe’s manufacturers of convenience packaging for food-on-the-go, nurturing and promoting this Vision and showcasing the industry’s commitment to it. It does this, notably, by a documented set of Guiding Principles.

Be the collective Face and Voice of the membership
To speak when needed, proactively and/or reactively, when there is a common agenda or when it is best for the sector to speak with one voice. Its primary aim is to speak in terms which address end-users of its products – consumers – and by extension to speak to the major direct clients for its products (such as retailers, food companies and Quick Service Restaurants, among others) and when and where relevant the policy-maker and legislator.

Explain and promote the Value and Contribution of the industry and its products
To enhance broader awareness and understanding of the contribution to society and to health and the environment of convenience packaging for food-on-the-go. To underline the critical and unique role its products play in sustaining modern lifestyles in Europe. It does this by providing information to those who should know and by participating constructively in relevant forums and processes at European, national and international level.

Provide additional Value to members
To offer, in addition to the above, a range of services to members which are valued and help sustain their individual and collective efforts to live up to the Vision of Europe’s manufacturers of convenience packaging for “food-on-the-go”.

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