Europe’s Convenience Food Packaging Association

We are Pack2Go Europe

Pack2Go Europe is a not-for-profit association of companies that manufacture packaging for the food and beverages consumed on-the-go every day by millions of Europeans. Our approach is material neutral. We are joined by suppliers of raw materials and of technology who recognise that today‘s busy lifestyles are changing the way we eat and drink and who want to contribute to that in a positive and responsible way. The association is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium but members are spread all over Europe.

Consumers today are asking questions – the right questions that deserve answers – about the products that fill their daily lives. Through a set of guiding principles – adherence to which is mandatory for members – Pack2Go Europe will show that its member companies are committed to thinking through the health, safety and environmental aspects of the packaging they manufacture for food and drinks consumed on-the-go. To do so, we‘ll be working with food companies, restaurants, retailers, and anyone else who packs and/or sells food and drinks for consumption straight from the packaging.

We want Europeans who eat and drink on-the-go to know that health, safety and environmental considerations have been thought through and factored into production plans. We want them to know that the packs we manufacture are environmentally sound, safe in every way, ethically produced and that end-of-life systems and processes for collection, recovery and recycling have been properly provided for once they have been used. All we ask the consumer to do is to dispose of the used packaging responsibly. A group of companies with a common vision about doing things better. And a clear mission. That’s Pack2Go Europe!

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